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English Tests

Grammar and Vocabulary Assessment Tests


Here's an easy way to check your grammar and vocabulary progress. You can choose a test from 4 different levels. Each test has several sections. Enter your name and email address before you take the test and they will email your results to you. Take the test again in several weeks. Did your score improve?

TOEFL Practice


Even if you're not planning to take the TOEFL test soon, this short practice test will be very useful for you. There are 20 questions on this test. They cover the written expression and sentence structure parts of the TOEFL test. Just click on the answer and then check your score. The computer will also keep track of your time. After you finish all 20 questions, check your score. If you got less 15 correct answers, take the test again. Did you improve your score?




Here's an easy way to test your English level! This site has 3 short tests. Choose Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate-Advanced, or Advanced. Each test has 25 questions and takes 10-15 minutes to finish. Answer all the questions and then click the submit button. After you submit your test, you'll see your results right away. You will also see why you made your mistakes. If you'd like, they will also send the test results to your email address or to your teacher's email address.





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