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Kids 4 Kids

 "Kids 4 Kids" is a new search engine that is owned by kids and gives lots of business advise for children who want to start their own business. They have articles on Start up Basics, Finding a Niche, and lots more. Although owned and run by kids, the site is a great place for anyone wanting advise on starting a business.
Your Turn:
The link to Kids 4 Kids goes to a check list that you should consult to see if starting a business is right for you. Read the check list carefully. It contains lots of business vocabulary and you may even discover that owning a business is the 'thing' for you. 

 Lemonade Stand

Do you think you would be a good businessperson? At this site, you can find out by running your own business. You are the owner of a lemonade stand. The object of this fun game is to make as much money as possible in 30 days. Every day, you'll have to make decisions that will affect how many cups of lemonade you will sell. Keep your eye on the weather. As it changes, you'll have to adjust the price of your lemonade. Also, watch what your customers are saying, and make changes that will keep them happy.
Your Turn:
Divide your class into groups and have a Lemonade Stand competition. Find out which group can make the most money in 30 days. After you finish the game, have a group discussion and analyze why your group did well, or did not do well. What mistakes did your group make? How could your group have made more money?

 Postscript Magazine 

This is a great site if you are interested in Business English. (Actually, even if you're not interested in Business English, you can still find some excellent activities here.) The activities on this site are easy to use. You can find them according to theme (Sales, Finance, Marketing, etc.) or you can choose a type of activity (vocabulary, grammar, reading, etc.) The Letters to the Editor section answers letters from students and gives some good advice on several different topics.