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2002 Best Inventions



Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Here is a list of some of the most exciting inventions of 2002! Read about the "Hy-wire Car." It's a completely non-polluting car. Or take a look at the "Musical Jacket." It has a mini-disc player sewn into the jacket. You can also learn about the "Dog Translator," the "Ultra-Bubble," and the "Spin Vacuum." To learn more about these inventions, you can click on the company's website.


Your Turn:
Choose an invention that looks interesting. Look at the picture and try to imagine what it is and what makes it special. What special features do you think it has? Then read about the invention. Were you right?

All About Ceiva


These days lots of new products that are related to the Internet are being invented. This very interesting product is called Ceiva.


Your Turn:
Look at the headline and the pictures on this page. What do you think this product is? How does it work? Now read the text on the page. Do you understand more about the product now? Next, make a list of questions that you would like to know the answers to. Then click on the MORE INFORMATION link at the bottom of the page. Finally, try to find your questions on this list. Can you find the answers to your questions? Would you like to buy this product? Why or why not?

The Moller Skycar


Do you hate getting stuck in traffic? Do you sometimes wish that your car could take off and fly above everybody else? Well, maybe soon it can! Moller International is working on two Skycars, the M400 and the M150. These cool flying cars go up into the air like a helicopter and then fly like an airplane. They may be the way everybody goes to work or school in the future.


Your Turn:
Explore the site and try to answer these questions:


1) Which Skycar holds 4 people?

2) How much will the Skycars cost?

3) What does VTOL mean?

4) How fast can the Skycars go?

5) How soon will the Skycars be ready to fly?

6) Do you want one?



PawSense is a new product for people who have computers and cats.


Your Turn:
Look at the picture on this site and read the headline:


Before you read about PawSense, try to guess the answers to these questions:


1) What is the meaning of the headline?

2) What kind of problems could a cat cause for a computer?

3) What kind of product could solve those problems?

After you answer the questions, read about this unique product. What do you think about PawSense? Would you buy this product?

The Toaster Museum


What's the most popular food in the whole world? Toast, of course! Everybody loves toast! And you can't have toast without toasters! Visit The Toaster Museum to see all kinds of toasters from the last 100 years! Read the introduction and then click on a time period to see and read about the toasters.


Your Turn:
Do you have any interesting appliances in your kitchen? Write a short description of one appliance. What does it look like? What is it used for? Read the description to your classmates. Can they guess what it is?

Totally Absurd


Do you need more space in your house? Get some floating furniture. It's filled with air and floats on the ceiling. When you need to use it, just pull it down! Floating furniture is just one of the crazy inventions you'll find at this site. These are real inventions from the U.S. Patent office.


Your Turn:
Click on one of the Totally Absurd inventions and look at the drawing. Try to guess what it is, and how it works. Write a few sentences explaining the invention. Now read about the invention. Were you right?



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