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Where Were You?


When something really important happens in your country or in the world, you can usually remember exactly what you were doing at that time many years later. The day that a man first walked on the moon is one of those times. This site has some very interesting stories from people who remember what they were doing on July 20, 1969. Here's an example:

"On July 20, 1969 we were at my father's house watching the event on TV. The reason I remember this so well is that while we were watching Buzz walk on the moon, our first child, Luanne, exactly 10 months old (born Sept. 20, 1968) took her first steps. She began walking at the same time we walked on the moon."


Your Turn:
Maybe you're too young to remember the first moon walk. What major events have taken place in your lifetime that you have strong memories of? Make a list of those events. Then write a short essay about what you were doing that day.

A White House History



The White House is where the President of the United States lives with his family. It is also a big house that is full of important and interesting history. At this site, you can take a tour of all the beautiful and historical rooms in the White House. To start the tour, just click on one of the rooms. Then you can read about the room and the history of the room. You'll also see a picture of the room. (Click on the picture to make it bigger.) In each room, you can find out about some of the paintings or furnishings in the room. You can also see some pictures of how the room used to look over 100 years ago! Enjoy the tour!



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