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A. Pintura: Art Detective


Do you like mysteries? What do you know about art? At this fun site, you can solve a mystery, and learn a lot about art, too. In "The Case of Grandpa's Painting," a mysterious woman walks into A. Pintura's office with a painting. Read the story and look at the mystery painting. Then compare that painting with other paintings from six famous artists. Can you help the art detective find out who painted the mystery painting? And who is the mysterious woman, Miss Fiona Featherduster?


Your Turn:
After you look at all the paintings, decide which one you like best. Write a short paragraph about the painting. Why do like it? What did you learn about the artist?

Mystery! A Gorey Murder


Poor Isabella von Recklinghause has been murdered! It's your job to find her killer! It's easy to play. Your mouse will be a spotlight. Just move the spotlight around and look for clues you can click on. Check everything in the picture. When you find a clue, use it to help you continue. You'll need Shockwave to play.


Your Turn:
After you find the killer, go back and play the game again. Now write the story. What happened in the beginning, the middle, and the end? Who was the killer?

See-n-Solve Mystery


Do you like murder mysteries? Here are some fun short mysteries for you to solve. You can help Detective Harry Silver and his daughter Amy try to find the killer. First, read the short mystery. After you read the mystery, click on the small picture. Now you can see a large picture of the murder scene. There are some clues in this picture. You can read them by clicking on the picture. Click on AMY'S LOGIC if want some hints. After you read the clues, try to guess who the murderer is. Why do you think he is the murderer? Now vote for your choice and find out if you were right. New stories are added often, so come back!

Stickman Murder Mystery Games


Do you like murder mysteries? This is a fun website where you can be a detective! First, choose a mystery to solve. Then read and follow the instructions carefully. To play the game, you have to find clues and evidence. Go to the Chief's office to find out about the case. Then get into your police car and investigate the case. When you think that you know who the killer is, go back to the Chief's office to find out if you're right!

Takako's Great Adventure


This is an exciting story about Takako, a Japanese girl who travels to Canada to visit her pen pal, Christine. She is met at the airport by a man who says he is Christine's uncle. But there is something strange about this man. Something doesn't seem right.... This mystery has ten episodes. You can listen to each episode and then do some interesting activities. You can also read the tapescript for each episode. The tapescript has a very useful feature that lets you find the definition for new vocabulary by clicking on the word. This is an excellent site. You can practice your listening AND enjoy a really exciting story!

You'll need Shockwave to play.

Twist Mini-mystery


Did you know that now you can watch movies right on your computer? If you like mysteries, you'll enjoy these short mystery stories. You can read a new Twist every week, or you can read previous stories by clicking on TWIST ARCHIVE.


Your Turn:
As you are reading a story, try to guess how the story will end. After you finish the story, answer the poll on the last page: WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN? Were you right or wrong? Then check to see what other people thought would happen. What ending would YOU write for the story?





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