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English Grammar

A, An, The


A, An, and The...three very short words that can be very difficult to learn how to use correctly. This site will teach you the two key English grammar concepts you need to understand when using these words in your writing: countability and definiteness. This is a great study guide. I would recommend that you print it out and keep it handy.


Your Turn:
After studying the material, try the exercise at the bottom of the screen. The answers follow the grammar exercise and explain in detail the reason for each answer. To use other study guides from The Writing Center, click on HANDOUTS.

Daily Grammar


Here's a great English grammar site where you will find (so far) 440 short online lessons! Just choose which grammar point you want to study. Then you'll find an explanation and example of the grammar point and a quiz to test your understanding.


Your Turn:
Sign up for the Daily Grammar email lessons, and they'll send you a grammar lesson 5 days a week, plus a quiz on the 6th day!



John's ESL Grammar


Here's another great site where you will find 33 online grammar lessons! Just choose which grammar point you want to study. Then you'll find an explanation and example of the grammar point and a quiz to test your understanding.


Your Turn:
Choose grammar point to study. When you think you have mastered the grammar point, take the quiz and send the results to your teacher.


Grammar and Vocabulary Assessment Tests


Here's an easy way to check your English grammar and vocabulary progress. You can choose a test from 4 different levels. Each test has several sections. Enter your name and email address before you take the test and they will email your results to you. Take the test again in several weeks. Did your score improve?

English Grammar Goofs


Everybody makes mistakes when they are learning English. Some mistakes can be pretty funny! At this site, you'll find lots of amusing English mistakes, plus some funny English signs from around the world.


Your Turn:
Can you find the mistakes on this site? Why are the mistakes funny? How do the mistakes change the meaning of the sentences?

Grammar Gorillas


This is a fun game for you to practice your parts of speech. It's easy to play. First, choose Beginner or Advanced. (Beginner is only nouns and verbs, Advanced is all parts of speech.) To play the game, read the sentence. You'll see several highlighted words. Click on the correct form of speech. If you're correct, you'll win a banana for the English Grammar Gorilla! If you're not sure, look at the Help section. It gives you a short definition of each part of speech.



NetGrammar is an excellent new free online grammar course for intermediate students. The course has 15 units. Each unit includes a grammar lesson, and listening, reading, and writing activities. NetGrammar is great for home study, but if you're doing the course as part of a class, it's easy to send your answers to your teacher. The course is easy to use, with lots of help if you get confused.

The Online English Grammar


Grammar can be really confusing (even for teachers)! Sometimes it's hard to find a quick and easy answer to a question about grammar. Here's a great site to visit when you need an answer fast! It's very well-organized and easy to use. Just click on the category that you need. You'll get a short and easy-to-understand explanation of that grammar point and several examples.


Your Turn:
When you find a grammar point that's difficult for you, carefully study the explanation and examples. Then try to write your own sentences, using the examples as models.

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