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Animal Crackers


Here's a collection of very strange animal pictures. At first, they look like real pictures, but if you look carefully, you can see that there's something strange about them. The animals seem to be in the wrong place! You'll find more pictures on page 2.


Your Turn:
Find your favorite picture. Why do you like this picture? Why is this picture unusual? Write a description of the picture. How would you change the picture to make it a "normal" picture?



Ditto is a great search engine that has millions of pictures. It's easy to find just the picture that you're looking for. To use Ditto, just enter whatever it is that you want to see a picture of. Then Ditto will give you lots of different pictures to choose from. Click on any picture to see a larger view of it, and to go to the website that contains the picture. You can also browse through some of the pictures by choosing a category.


Your Turn:
Pictures are great for guessing games. Use Ditto to find an unusual picture. Then have your classmates guess what it is. If they don't know, they should ask YES or NO questions, and then try to guess!

Full Moon


What do you think about when you look up at the moon? Romance? Poetry? Beauty? If you could, would you like to travel to the moon? Now you can...at this beautiful site! NASA has released 1200 of its amazing photos from the Apollo moon missions. They are presented here in a wonderful multimedia show. Just click on the moon and sit back and enjoy. 


Your Turn:
Discuss these questions in class:

Do you think it is important for men and women to explore space? Why or why not?

Do you think that everyone will be able to travel to the moon someday? Would you go if you had the chance?

How to Photograph Gardens


Do you like to take photos? Are you a good photographer? At this site, you can visit some beautiful Asian gardens and learn some tips on how to photograph them. (Click on the photos for a bigger picture.)


Your Turn:
After you look at these photos, make an outline of the photo tips. What are the main points? Can you understand the tips by looking at the photos? The next time you visit a garden, be sure to take your camera, and try out these tips!

IPIX Images


Now you can see the world with these really cool 360 degree pictures. At this site, you can visit beautiful places from countries all over the world. You can see the Taj Mahal, visit an Irish castle or explore a Japanese castle! You'll find 55 different places to visit! With this camera, you can use your mouse to turn around in a complete circle. You can move the camera up or down, and even zoom in or zoom out.


Your Turn:
Find your favorite picture. Use the camera to completely explore the site. Now write a short report describing what you see in the picture. Try to use as many descriptive adjectives as possible.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


It's true that sometimes pictures can communicate more than words! Here's a fun site where you can show everyone your sense of humor!


Your Turn:
You'll find a lot of funny pictures at this site. It's your job to write a funny caption for the picture. First, get some ideas by taking a look at past photos to see what other people have written. Which ones do you think are funny? Now look at the new photos and try to think of a funny caption. When you have one that you like, send it in an email with your name and country.

The Snowflake Man


What does snow make you think of? Snowmen, skiiing, blizzards? Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley was the first person to take a photograph of a single snowflake. He took over 5000 photographs of snowflakes. (Did you know that every snowflake is different?) Read about "The Snowflake Man." Then look at some of his beautiful photos by clicking on the word "snowflakes" at the top of the screen. (Click on the photo to make it bigger.)


Your Turn:
Write a short essay about your happiest memory of snow. Maybe it was a ski trip or maybe it was making a snowman or throwing snowballs when you were a child. Share your essay with your classmates.

The Streetplay Galleries


When you were a child, did you play outside a lot? What kind of games and activities did you enjoy? At this site, you'll find lots of interesting pictures that show what kids in different countries like to do outside. You'll see kids on the playground, riding on skateboards, flying kites, and many other fun activities.


Your Turn:
What did you like to do outside when you were a child in your country? Did you have a special game, sport, or activity that was your favorite? How did you play it? Why did you enjoy it? Tell your classmates about it.





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