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This online encyclopedia has over 14,000 articles! You can find information here on almost any subject. To use the encyclopedia, just type in the subject that you are looking for, or click on a letter to browse subjects starting with that letter. These short articles are FREE. Premium Resources provide a lot more information (including pictures and maps) and are part of the Electric Library, which is a PAY SERVICE. The site also provides very useful cross-references and links to web sites. This is a very useful site if you're looking for some quick facts about something or somebody.



Are you getting ready to move to the United States soon? Are you living in the U.S. now? This site is full of very useful information for foreigners who are (or will be soon) working or studying in the U.S. You can find out about:

-English study programs
-Visas and immigration
-Finding a job
-Health insurance
-Medical issues
-Buying a car
-Getting a driver's license

...and lots more!

How Old Are You?


You know how many years old you are, but do you know how many days, or hours, or seconds old you are? You can find the answer quickly at this site. This very useful site will also convert lots of other things, like temperature, measurements, etc.


Your Turn:
Without thinking too hard about it, write down on a piece of paper how many seconds you think you have lived. Then check the calculator. How close were you? Were you surprised?



Here's a fun way to increase your vocabulary. Think of any word and enter it in the box. The computer will then find a list of words that rhyme with that word. You can also search for the definition, antonyms, synonyms, and more! After you study the word, look at the word in context as it's used by famous writers. You can even find pictures that are related to the word.


Your Turn:
Before you use this site, choose a word and write down as many rhyming words as you can. Then compare your list with the RhymeZone list.

What time is it?


Do you know what time it is now? Maybe you know ABOUT what time it is, but do know EXACTLY what time it is? At this site, you can find the exact time from the U.S. Naval Observatory. The time will appear at the top of the page. To update the time, hit the RELOAD button. The time listed is Universal Time (or Greenwich Mean Time). To listen to a recording of the exact time, click on the USNO MASTER CLOCK VOICE ANNOUNCER. (Actually, the recording is 4 seconds later than the exact time!) To convert the time to your local time, check out The World Clock.



At this amazing site, you can find links to hundreds of different dictionaries and thesauruses in more than 200 languages and many different specialities. You can do a quick search if you're looking up an English word and are in a hurry. You'll find a Word of the Day to add to your vocabulary. There are links to word games to play and interesting articles about the English language. In short, this site has everything!


Your Turn:
Have a contest with your classmates. Put together a list of 10 new vocabulary words from a reading. See who can find the meanings and write them down the quickest. If there is more than one meaning, you must find the one that matches the meaning in the reading. You can use online dictionaries or print dictionaries.





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