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A. Pintura: Art Detective

Do you like mysteries? What do you know about art? At this fun site, you can solve a mystery, and learn a lot about art, too. In "The Case of Grandpa's Painting," a mysterious woman walks into A. Pintura's office with a painting. Can you help the art detective find out who painted the mystery painting? And who is the mysterious woman, Miss Fiona Featherduster?

Your Turn:
After you look at all the paintings, decide which one you like best. Write a short paragraph about the painting. Why do like it? What did you learn about the artist?


Carmine's Portraits

Portraits are paintings of people's faces. They are a very popular kind of art. At this site, which is written in EASY ENGLISH, you can learn about portraits and even learn how to make your own portrait. Just click on the questions to continue.

Your Turn:
You'll find some fun quizzes and games on this site. After you finish,click here to learn about how to draw a portrait! When you're ready, try to draw a portrait of one of your classmates. Don't show it to anyone. When you're finished, collect other portraits from your classmates, put them together, and then try to guess who each person is!



Egg Shell Art

Gary LeMaster is an egg shell artist. He carves and sculpts egg shells into beautiful works of art!

Your Turn:
Visit the Carving Gallery and Sculpture Gallery to see these unique and amazing egg shells. Then, explore the site and try to find the answers to these questions:

1) What kind of eggs does he use?

2) What kind of special tool does he use?

3) How does he get the yolk out of the egg?

4) Does he ever break an egg?

5) How long does it take to make one piece?


How to Make a Pop-Up

Have you ever thought about writing a book for children? Some of the most popular children's books are pop-up books, where a picture pops up out of the book.

Your Turn:
Follow the instructions on this page to make your own pop-up page. It's easy! Can you figure out how to make other kinds of pop-ups? Organize a class project to write your own children's book. Write the story first, then make a few pop-up pages to go along with the story! Then share your story with some kids!


Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais

Are you an art lover? Do you enjoy looking at paintings from different countries? The Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais is a beautiful museum which only exists on the Internet. When you go there you can explore lots of interesting rooms full of beautiful paintings from Uruguay (South America). If you click on a painting, you can read more information about the painting and the artist. To move around the museum, just click your mouse where you want to go. You can go up the stairs, or into the elevator, or walk around the rooms.

Your Turn:
Try this vocabulary exercise. Find a painting that you think is very interesting. Look at the painting and write down any words or phrases that come into your mind. Don't think too hard. Just write down whatever you're thinking. Now look at the words you wrote and write a few sentences about the painting, using as many of the words as possible.


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