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A biography is the story of somebody's life. At this site, you can find over 20,000 short biographies of famous people! You can use this site to find out about your favorite movie star, singer, or even someone from history! To find a biography, just type the name of the person you're looking for into the search box at the top of the page.


Your Turn:
After you read a few biographies, write a biography of your friend or classmate. First, make a list of questions to ask. For example, you might ask where he/she was born, or what their childhood was like. Or maybe you can ask about their family or an interesting hobby they have. After you interview him/her, write down all your information into his/her life story. Congratulations! You are now a biographer!

Chat with John Lennon


John Lennon has been dead for 30 years, but now, thanks to the Internet, you can "chat" with him! It works like this: John Lennon said many things when he was alive. Someone put all of his words into the computer. When you chat with John Lennon, the computer chooses the best answer from all of his words. Just chat like you're talking to your friend on the Internet. You can ask questions or make comments. But, be careful. If your English is not correct, the answer might be strange. Give it a try, but be patient. It will take some time to load.

Fantasy Dinner Party


Pretend you are rich! You are going to have a dinner party in your big mansion. You can invite 10 people to your party. You can invite anybody. Living or dead. Real people or fictional people. Write the names of the people on this page. Then check to see who other people would invite to their fantasy dinner party.


Your Turn:
After you decide who you want to invite, make a list of questions that you would like to ask these people. Or write a complete dinner party conversation among all the guests. You could even write about the food that was served or the clothes that people wore to the party.

Who2 Loops


Who2 is a very interesting "people encyclopedia." You can find lots of interesting and unusual information about famous people. On this page, you'll find "Who2 Loops." These are groups of people who all have something in common. For example, "Serial Spouses" is a group of famous people who have been married 7 times or more! "Death by Car" is a group of famous people who have died in a car accident. Click on any name to read the complete biography. You can also search for a name in the search box at the top of the page, or browse by clicking on the first letter of the person's last name.


Your Turn:
Can you make your own loop? Try to think of an interesting category, and then use the Internet to research and find 4-6 people who can belong to the loop. This would be a good group activity!





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