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Dvolver MovieMaker


Have you ever wanted to be a famous movie director? At this fun site, you can make your own animated movie and send it to your friends! You can make a comedy, drama, or love story!


Your Turn:
To start making your movie, choose a background and a sky. Then choose 2 characters and write a short script. Next, add your favorite kind of music, and choose a title design. Finally, think of a good name for your movie, and write your name as the director. If you want to make a longer movie, you can make more scenes. Now you can preview your movie, and make any changes. Then send it off to your friends! Good Luck!

English Learner Movie Guides


Here's a great site for movie lovers! Each movie guide includes a look at the characters and the plot, and also includes a long list of vocabulary and culture notes. Just choose a movie from the movie menu, and then download it. (Use PDF if you want to print out the guide.)


Your Turn:
You can use these guides to help you study movies at home, or you can use them in your class to discuss a movie with your classmates. Go out and rent one of these movies. Then review the notes from the movie guide. Try watching the movie in short segments (10-15 minutes). After each segment, use the movie guide notes to review the vocabulary. After you finish watching the movies, use the discussion questions to talk about the movie in more detail.

English Trailers


Do you like movies? At English Trailers, you can enjoy studying English watching movie commercials. Lots of trailers to choose from and new trailers are added every month. Each trailer has a summary, a cloze exercise, the script, a mini-quiz and a web links activity. Your scores can even be saved! Great for teachers in CALL classes! Try it ? you'll like it!


Your Turn:
Go to the site and read the instructions. On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of movie titles. Click on one you like and then hit the ¡®Change Movie Trailers¡¯ button. In the middle of the screen, the movie trailer you selected will appear. Under it will be six buttons: Instructions, Summary, Cloze, Script, Quiz and Web Links. Try them all! Watch the trailer a few times. Can you discover all the missing words in the cloze exercise? How about the quiz? How much English could you learn from the trailer? Good luck and have fun studying!

Guess the Name!


This is a fun game to play if you enjoy watching movies or TV programs. At this site, the computer will try to guess the name of a famous movie or TV program. Just think of the name, and then answer some "yes or no" questions. The questions are about the actors, characters, and plots. Can you fool the computer?


Your Turn:
This game is easy to play with your friends or classmates. Just think of the name of a popular movie or TV program, and have the other players take turns asking "yes or no" questions. If nobody can guess the name after 20 questions have been asked, you win!

Home Video Library


Do you collect your favorite movies on video? Here's a list of classic movies that you might want to add to your collection! Click on the title to read a short review.


Your Turn:
What's your favorite movie of all time? Try to watch the movie again, and then write a short review. Write a short summary of the story, and then write about why the movie is special to you. How did the movie make you feel?

Internet Movie Database


If you like movies, you'll love this site. The IMDB is the biggest movie web site and has lots of great information about movies, movie stars, movie characters, and lots more! You can use the search box to find information. Just type in the name of a movie, or actor, or character. You can even find movies that have a special quote or plot.


Your Turn:
Choose your favorite movie or actor. Use the search box to find information. Write a short report about the most interesting information. Now tell your classmates about your movie or actor, but don't tell them the name. Can they guess what movie or actor you're talking about?

MovieFlix (not free)


Did you know that now you can watch movies right on your computer? At MovieFlix, you'll find lots of movies (and some classic American TV shows) in 28 different categories. You can also watch some trailers from new movies here. You can browse by category or use the search box to look for titles. These movies are free, but you have to register at the site first. You'll need the Real Player to watch these movies.


Your Turn:
After you watch a movie, do some research and find more information about the movie or the actors. Use the Internet Movie Database to find lots of information about any movie!

Movie Poster Quiz


If you like movies, you'll enjoy this fun game. To play, just look at the movie poster, and then guess which movie it is. If you want to change categories, just click on the category you want to play. But be careful; 3 strikes and you're out! Keep playing until you strike out. If you have a good score, you can put it into the Hall of Fame! And if you really like the poster, you can even buy a copy of it online! When you're finished, go to the video rental shop and rent a couple of exciting videos. Remember, watching movies in English is a great way to practice your listening skills!

Movie Scripts


At this site, you'll find original movie scripts for lots of movies. To read the script, just click on the name of a movie. Using a script will help you to understand the movie better. You can check the English dialogue, and you can also use it to follow the action of the movie.


Your Turn:
Find an interesting 5-minute scene from one of the movies. Copy-and- paste that part of the script into a text editor like WordPad and print it out. Now act out the script in class. Follow the actions and the dialogue. If you can get a copy of the movie, watch that part of the movie in class and compare it to your version.



A slip-up is a mistake that somebody makes. At this site, you'll find lots of slip-ups from movies, books, TV, and quotes.


Your Turn:
Choose a category and then read about the slip-up. Then you can read what other people say about the slip-up. (Sometimes people don't agree that it's a slip-up!) It might be fun to read about a movie slip-up and then rent the movie. See if you can find the slip-up in the movie.





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