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Companies are always thinking of new ways to advertise their product. Autowraps is a new and very unique kind of advertising.


Your Turn:
Look at this site and answer these questions:


1) How does this advertising work?

2) How much money can you make as a driver?

3) Find 3 requirements for drivers who sign up.

4) Do you think this is a good idea? Would you sign up for this program? Why or why not?

Beach n' Billboard


A billboard is a big sign that advertises something. Here's are some very different kinds of billboards that you can see on beaches!


Your Turn:
Take a look at the pictures on this page and in the Picture Gallery. Then try to guess the answers to these questions:


1) Where are these billboards?

2) How do they make the billboards?

3) How many billboards do they make for each company?

4) How long do the billboards last each day?

5) Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?


Now click here to check your answers.

Burma Shave Slogans


From 1927-1963 the Burma Shave company made many popular roadside billboards to advertise their shaving cream. Each slogan was a funny 6-line poem. But instead of the poem being on one billboard, it was on 6 billboards! (One for each line of the poem.) So you read the poem as you drove by each billboard. (The last billboard always said "Burma Shave.") At this site, you'll find a long list of these popular slogans.

Your Turn:
Read some of these slogans. Which one is your favorite? Now choose another popular product and write your own 6-line poem to advertise it. Leave the last line blank and see if your classmates can guess what the product is.



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