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Fast Food Nutrition

Worried about gaining unwanted weight from high calorie foods?
This cool little tool allows you to sort through hundreds of restaurant chain menus so you can always keep your weight gain to a minimum. Some of the features are really neat and I can even embed it in TowerOfEnglish.com and it works great.

-Track calories from all your favorite restaurants
- Easily sort and add menu items to your cart and calculate totals for your meals
- Click FULL SCREEN and it’s very easy to see if you have bad eyes
- Print out your customized menu items
- Share this tool easily with your friends or post it on your schools blog for students to see.

Your Turn:
Get 3 meals for yourself from 3 different restaurants. You cannot eat 2 meals at the same restaurant so you must print out the different restaurant menus. The catch is you cannot exceed 2000 calories for all meals combined.

AllRecipes.com: The Recipe Network


Feeling hungry? Here's a fantastic site to practice your reading and learn some great new recipes. At this easy-to-use site you can...

-Find hundreds of recipes for chicken, pasta, soup, bread, cookies, and lots more! (Use the icons at the bottom of the page.)
-Print out recipes to make recipe cards.
-Use a glossary if you're not sure about some of the ingredients.
-Use the U.S. standard or metric measurements.
-Send in your own recipe or request a special recipe (Recipe Exchange).
-Read some advice about how to cook (Hints).


Your Turn:
Create a class cookbook. Write 2 or 3 of your favorite recipes from your country. Use the recipes on this site as an example. Collect all of the recipes in your class and put them together to make your class cookbook. Now for the fun part! Try cooking some of the recipes and sharing them with your friends! 

Healthy Dining Quiz


Are you a healthy eater? When you go to a restaurant, do you try to eat low-fat dishes? Sometimes it's hard to know if a certain kind of food is healthy or not. At this site, you can take a quiz to find out how much you know, and maybe learn some new things, too! You can't click on an answer with this quiz. Just guess the answer, and then click on NEXT to find the correct answer.


Your Turn:
Keep a food diary for one week. Write down everything that you eat everyday. At the end of the week, look at the diary and decide if you're a healthy eater. Write a few ideas about how you could improve your diet!

The History of Ice Cream


One of my favorite things to eat in the summer is ice cream. I like all kinds, but my favorite is chocolate chip. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?


Your Turn:
Here are some very interesting facts about the history of ice cream. Scan the article to find the year that each of these events happened:

What year did...


1) the first ice cream parlor open in America?
2) the World's Fair start selling ice cream cones?
3) a housewife invent the ice cream churn?
4) Cookies 'N Cream ice cream become very popular?

Click here for more fun ice cream facts and trivia.


Peanut Butter


Do you like peanut butter? Which kind do you prefer, creamy or crunchy? Do you like peanut butter with jelly or by itself? At this site you can learn a lot about peanut butter. You can learn how it's made and the history of one of America's favorite foods. You'll also find some great recipes, so you can learn some new ways to eat peanuts and peanut butter.


Your Turn:
After you read about peanut butter, click on PLAY TO WIN to play the PEANUT BUTTER TRIVIA GAME. If you don't know the answer, go back to the text and try to find it.

Plant-Parts Salad


Can you name the 5 parts of a plant? How many parts can you eat? Actually, you can eat all of them! At this site, you can make a salad out of all the parts of different plants! First, click on one of the plant parts at the top of the page. Then, try to guess which part it is by clicking on the name.


Your Turn:
Try to make your own salad with plant parts. Use this guide to help you find some delicious plants for your salad.

Project Denny's


This is a very interesting site written by a person who wants to visit every Denny's restaurant in the world! Each entry includes the name and address of the restaurant, who he was eating with, the name of the waitperson, what they ate, and a review of the restaurant.


Your Turn:
Make your own Restaurant Journal! Keep a record of each restaurant you visit in the next 2 weeks. Be sure to write the information above (name, address, etc.). Your review can include what you thought about the food, the service, the atmosphere, the prices, or any other thoughts you have about the restaurant.

A Tea Time Reader


Do you drink tea? Tea is a very popular drink in many countries. At this site, you'll find some short stories and poems about tea or about drinking tea.


Your Turn:
What's your favorite drink? How often do you drink it? How does it make you feel? Do you have a special memory that is related to your favorite drink? Write a short story or poem about it and share it with your classmates.


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