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Calvin and Hobbes


"Calvin and Hobbes" is one of the most popular American comics. Calvin is a 6-year-old boy, and Hobbes is his stuffed tiger. But Calvin has a very big imagination, so Hobbes often comes to life! At this site, you can find every Calvin and Hobbes comic strip from November 18, 1985 (the very first one)-July 5, 1989. Another strip is added every day.

Your Turn:
Comics are a great way to learn new vocabulary and slang. Make a special Calvin and Hobbes Vocabulary Notebook. Write all the vocabulary and slang that you learn from C and H. If you can't understand a word, try to figure it out from the context of the comic strip before you use your dictionary.





Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang are famous and popular all over the world. At this site, you can read the PEANUTS comic strips, find out about the history of PEANUTS, find out more about the PEANUTS characters, or play some fun games.

Your Turn:
Can you draw? Try drawing your own comic strip. It should be 4 pictures. Tell a short story or joke with your pictures. Don't forget to give your comic strip a name!

King Features Comics

Reading the comics page in the newspaper is a daily ritual for millions of people in America. At this site, you'll find 60 popular comics from King Features. They include classic comics like "Blondie," "Dennis the Menace," and "Family Circus." Just click on the comic you want to read. Use the pull-down menu to read more comics from the previous month.

Your Turn:
Browse through these comics to find 3 or 4 that you really like, or that are good for your English level. Then bookmark this site, and keep up with your favorite comics every day.

NotQuite Comics

Here are 70 very funny comics that are based on puns. Puns use words that have two meanings or words that sound similar to make jokes.

Your Turn:
Try to find the puns in some of these comics. What are the two different meanings? Which cartoon do you think is the funniest? After you read some of these comics, try to make your own cartoon! Think of an interesting word or phrase. Then write a pun, and draw a cartoon to show the pun. This would be a fun group activity.

Spider-Man Activities

Are you a Spider-Man fan? This superhero has been really popular for a long time! At this site, you'll find a cool Spider-Man activity booklet! It includes 16 fun vocabulary, reading, and writing Spider-Man activities. Just click on an activity to view it, or use the arrows at the top of the page. To use an activity, you will need to print it out. (You can use Adobe Acrobat to print out the entire activity booklet.)

Your Turn:
At the bottom of each page, you'll find some interesting and fun activities related to the main theme!

Today's Cartoon

Cartoons are a fun way to practice English! At this site, you can find a new cartoon every day. These cartoons, by Randy Glasbergen, are fun to read and will help you to improve your vocabulary. You will also find cartoons from the past 7 days, and links to lots of cartoons at the bottom of the page.

Your Turn:
Before you read the caption of a cartoon, look at the cartoon and try to write your own caption. Then read the real caption. Was it similar to yours?


The Toonopedia is a really cool encyclopedia of toons! (A toon is any kind of cartoon or comic.) At this site, you'll find lots of short, interesting articles about your favorite toons! Use the links to check vocabulary in the glossary.

Your Turn:
Find one toon that you really like. Read the article, and then write a short outline of the main points of the article. Then give a short toon report to your classmates!

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