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Millions of people speak English, but they don't all speak the same English. English pronunciation is much different in different parts of the world. At this site, you can hear how English is pronounced in 7 different countries, and you can also hear how sounds are pronounced in 8 other languages. The site is easy to use. Just choose the kind of English or other language and the sound that you want to hear. You'll see a list of words with that sound on the left side of the page. When you put your cursor on the word, you'll hear how the word is pronounced.


Your Turn:
Each word has more words with the same sound. After you listen to the word, repeat it and then pronounce the other words using exactly the same sound. If you practice your pronounciation often, you'll soon notice a big improvement!


Rachel's English

RachelsEnglish.com is a free online guide to American English pronunciation. An excellent source, Rachel has a detailed video on how to make each sound, as well as a blog that answers readers\' questions.


Your Turn:
Choose several videos that emphasize sounds or words that you are having trouble with. After listening several times, work together with a friend. Have the friend play one of the videos while you have your back to the computer. Write the sound that you hear. Did you write the correct sound?


Tongue Twister Database


Here's a great collection of tongue twisters. Tongue twisters are a fun way to practice your pronunciation. They are also good for getting your mouth "warmed up" and ready to speak English! But the real reason for practicing tongue twisters is because they are FUN!


Your Turn:
Practice saying these tongue twisters out loud. Try to find some that let you practice the sounds that are the most difficult for you. Have a tongue twister contest with your friends or classmates. If you make one mistake, you're OUT! Try to write your own tongue twister. Choose a sound and then write a crazy sentence using those sounds. 




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