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(3825) Waltham English Tutors

Find Waltham English tutors, lessons, classes, teachers and schools. Local in person private tutoring in Waltham; have tutors come to your location or meet them at theirs. The service providers listed may offer group classes or be a private tutor, so rates and qualifications will vary. Be sure to consult with providers to ensure that they offer the services you require.

English Tutor in waltham

English Tutor in Waltham

Do you want better grades and test scores? Do you want to get the most from your classes? Is something holding you back from doing your best? Would you like to ace that entrance exam? Do you want feel comfortable asking questions and get answers that you understand?I can help you tackle these issues... Read more

Teaches: English Tutor, ESL, Grammar
85 / hr

English Lessons in waltham by Lily C.

English Lessons in waltham by Lily C.

Dear Prospective Student or Parent,Welcome! My name is Lily and I'd like to be your tutor!If you are looking for a tutor who is non-judgmental, patient, and occasionally silly to help you pass a class, improve your skills, or get ahead, please contact me, I'd love to meet you. I offer a free initial... Read more

Teaches: English Lessons, ESL, Home Tutoring
105 / hr

Learn English with Kathryn N. in waltham

Learn English with Kathryn N. in Waltham

I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice Studies from the University of San Francisco. I have been a teacher's assistant for a Criminology class through the Sociology department and have enjoyed it very much. The job involved running review sessions for exams and assisting students with their essay assignments. I am also very passionate and knowledgeable about history, specifically American history. Read more

Teaches: Learn English, ESL, TOEFL
40 / hr

English Tutoring in waltham

English Tutoring in waltham

Hello,I am a friendly and knowledgeable math and science tutor. I have ten years of experience tutoring and teaching. I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a master’s degree in Education from the Boston Teacher Residency. I enjoy h... Read more

Teaches: English Tutoring, Spelling, Grammar
80 / hr

English Tutoring in waltham

English Tutoring in waltham

I am a composer living in Redlands, CA. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's of Music in composition at the University of Redlands. Prior to this, I received my Bachelors in Music at the University of SC (that's right, the "other" USC). There, I studied classical guitar under Christopher Berg and com... Read more

Teaches: English Tutoring, Spelling, Grammar
40 / hr

Learn English with Lendsey T. in waltham

Learn English with Lendsey T. in Waltham

Instead of spending hours searching on how to figure out your homework using Yahoo answers, contact me! My experience and expertise spans beyond your coursework. Let me teach you how to get that A on your assignment while help you study for that super important final! I have two degrees (Masters and Bachelors) in both Biology and Chemistry. Moreover my laboratory skills and knowledge span different specialties within each field; ranging from genetics to analytical chemistry. Hi! My name is Read more

Teaches: Learn English, ESL, TOEFL
30 / hr

English Class in waltham

English Class in Waltham

Hi. I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Engineering from Stevens Inst of Technology in Hoboken NJ. I tutor students in all areas of math- trig, geometry, algebra, calculus, chemistry, and also physics. I enjoy math and sciences and would love to help you get a better understanding of the sciences.I ... Read more

Teaches: English Class, 1 on 1 Tutoring, Reading, Writing
45 / hr

Reading Tutor in waltham

Reading Tutor in lexington

I have been an Electrical Engineer, programmer, and independent consultant for over 50 years. Now partially retired, I have tutored in the Cambridge, MA school system for 5 years. My goal in tutoring is to help the student reach the "ah-ha" moment, the instant when it all clicks and, finally, at... Read more

Teaches: Reading, Writing, Grammar
50 / hr

English teacher in waltham | Yeraldo R.

English teacher in Waltham | Yeraldo R.

I love working with kids! I used to tutor students twice a week during the school year throughout all of my high school career at my local Boys and Girls Club. I've also been involved in mentorship programs and have had a few mentees. Currently I am pursuing an economics and finance degree at Bentle... Read more

Teaches: English Teaching, Reading, Writing, Speaking Lessons
25 / hr

One on One English Course offered by Sameira P.

High School School Counselor tutoring in all areas!

Hello!Welcome my name is Sameira, I am currently a school counselor at a local high school. I have a Masters in Education focusing on school counseling from UMASS Boston. I also attended UMASS Boston as an undergraduate and earned my B.S. in Psychology. My main focus is all aspect of psychology. Le... Read more

30 / hr