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(4801) Riverside English Tutors

Find Riverside English tutors, lessons, classes, teachers and schools. Local in person private tutoring in Riverside; have tutors come to your location or meet them at theirs. The service providers listed may offer group classes or be a private tutor, so rates and qualifications will vary. Be sure to consult with providers to ensure that they offer the services you require.

Learn English with Nesreen S. in riverside

Learn English with Nesreen S. in Riverside

Hi, I’m Nes! I have been an interior designer for over 10 years and my passion is in the technical details. This is why AutoCAD and SketchUp are my favorite tools. I love taking on challenging drafting details in AutoCAD and figuring out complex 3D modeling scenarios in SketchUp.I am also passionate about personal learning and growth, and helping others grow. This is why I enjoy teaching others what I know, and learning from others every day. As a side note, I grew up learning and speaking A Read more

Teaches: Learn English, ESL, TOEFL
60 / hr

Alvin L. is a Private English Tutor in riverside

Alvin L. is a Private English Tutor in Riverside

I am currently a finance student at the University of California, Riverside. I have served as a freelance writing tutor before for the SAT exams and was also a teacher's assistant for a college level calculus course. I began tutoring in 2015, as a sophomore in high school and have loved every year o... Read more

Teaches: Private Lessons, Esl, Grammar
35 / hr

English teacher in riverside | Dino B.

English teacher in Riverside | Dino B.

I have been teaching history for 13 years. I received my BA in history and political science from UC Irvine. I received my M.A. in history from Cal State Fullerton. I received my Ph.D. in history from UC Irvine. I teach US, European, World History, California History. I also have experience tu... Read more

Teaches: English Teaching, Reading, Writing, Speaking Lessons
65 / hr

Scott R. is a Private English Tutor in riverside

Scott R. is a Private English Tutor in Riverside

I have a bachelor's degree in communication arts and a master's degree in marketing communications, both of which required extensive writing skills. In addition, I've authored many articles that have been published in professional journals and magazines.During college, I spent many hours tutoring fe... Read more

Teaches: Private Lessons, Esl, Grammar
35 / hr

English Class in riverside

English Class in Riverside

Hi I'm Hannah! I graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor of arts in journalism with an emphasis in public relations and double-minors in sociology and Honors interdisciplinary studies. I have over a year experience tutoring Geometry to a high school student. Now, I've decided to fo... Read more

Teaches: English Class, 1 on 1 Tutoring, Reading, Writing
30 / hr

Luis F. offers ESL Tutoring in riverside

Luis F. offers ESL Tutoring in riverside

Hello, my first name is Luis, I am 24 and I just graduated from Sacramento City College with an AS in Chemistry and an AA for interdiciplinarty studies in Math and Science. I have always used my middle name so please call me Angel. I grew up in a Spanish speaking household so I am fluent in spanish.I have been tutoring at Sacramento City College, SCC for short, for two years and I specialize in beginning Chemistry, first semester General Chemistry, and any math class from arithmetic to Trigono Read more

Teaches: ESL, TOEFL
35 / hr

One on One English Course offered by Zora S.

Elementary Through High School, Specialization in English

Hello! I'm Zora, an undergraduate student at the University of California, Riverside, hoping to receive both a Psychology degree and an English degree when I graduate. As a 4.0 honors student with many years of experience in relation to peer mentorship, I believe that I am capable of setting the fou... Read more

25 / hr

English Lessons in riverside by Sam B.

English Lessons in laguna beach by Sam B.

Hello everyone! My name is Sam. My philosophy on tutoring is simple, I work very hard behind the scenes to make my sessions as effective as possible for my students. Every student's learning curve, strengths, weaknesses and learning styles are different. As such, my approach to each student is uniqu... Read more

Teaches: English Lessons, ESL, Home Tutoring
65 / hr

English Tutor in riverside

English Tutor in Riverside

I have been teaching regular education and special education for over twelve years. I have completed my Master's in Education, Mild /Moderate. My undergraduate is a B.Sc. in Accounting and Business Administration. As a teacher I feel that I am empowered to nurture students into being the best t... Read more

Teaches: English Tutor, ESL, Grammar
35 / hr

Reading Tutor in riverside

Reading Tutor in riverside

I have a decade of professional experience teaching and tutoring mathematics and SAT/ACT test preparation. Over the years I have developed very effective strategies and techniques for working with students, and I have become very skilled at individualizing my instruction according to each student's ... Read more

Teaches: Reading, Writing, Grammar
55 / hr