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Find Elora English tutors, lessons, classes, teachers and schools. Local in person private tutoring in Elora; have tutors come to your location or meet them at theirs. The service providers listed may offer group classes or be a private tutor, so rates and qualifications will vary. Be sure to consult with providers to ensure that they offer the services you require.

English Tutor in birmingham

English Tutor in Birmingham

I am a graduate student at The University of Alabama at Birmingham studying public health and public administration. I currently have a 4.0 GPA at UAB and earned a 3.68 GPA in my undergraduate degree. I enjoy learning and helping others achieve their academic goals. I understand why some students ha... Read more

Teaches: English Tutor, ESL, Grammar
40 / hr

English Tutor in benton

English Tutor in Benton

Hi! My name is Jeff Young! I'm very passionate about the English language, and the way in which we communicate to one another. I spent time in Cambodia teaching English, Math, and the Bible to children and young adults who had little to no experience in the English language. In high school, I receiv... Read more

Teaches: English Tutor, ESL, Grammar
50 / hr

Brittany C. offers ESL Tutoring in birmingham

Brittany C. offers ESL Tutoring in birmingham

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany and I absolutely love helping students develop a love for English, Reading, and Writing. I currently hold a both a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in English Language Arts Education. I spend my days working as a middle school English teacher who loves making information come to life for my students. I have also served as a tutor for students ranging from elementary aged to collegiate, in a variety of subject areas. I would love to work with you & your child Read more

Teaches: ESL, TOEFL
35 / hr

English Class in birmingham

English Class in Birmingham

The most exciting and rewarding parts of teaching for me are the moments when a student who has been studying and working hard, but still struggling with a concept or type of problem, has the "Aha!" moment; the moment when I can see that look of understanding and comprehension light up the student's... Read more

Teaches: English Class, 1 on 1 Tutoring, Reading, Writing
40 / hr

Reading Tutor in monterey

Reading Tutor in mesa

Since I was a child, I have always loved helping people who needed assistance with English. I was born in the Southwest of Texas, and my family spoke strictly Spanish. When my parents moved to Michigan, I had to learn to speak English to attend school. When I became proficient in English, I began... Read more

Teaches: Reading, Writing, Grammar
35 / hr