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I am a recent graduate from St. Ambrose University (May 2010). I have a Secondary Education degree in American History, World History and a minor in Political Science. I have also completed 6 years of French at the High School level at Davenport Central High. I have taken 18 credits in philosophy and religion courses as well, so I am experienced in this subject and familiar with most of the major historical contributors. I have also taken some Latin, so I am prepared to assist a beginner, but not an intermediate student. I have also taken many History classes that included a focus on art of the period and art history, including Classical Roman and Greek to Post Modernism. I have a grounding in a brief understanding of Music history as well. I have completed my required coursework and practicum for my teaching license and therefore, have many skills and strategies to assist a variety of different learners, as well as 170 hours of observation and 15 solid weeks of experience during student teaching. I also have accumulated many different types of resources over the years, including large illustrated picture books to standard textbooks; college and High School levels. I am informationally literate and would instill these skills in any potential student, enabling them to further their own learning career in a variety of subjects based on peer reviewed factual research materials. Due to the extensive writing demanded from a History Major, I am also grounded in solid Thesis paper writing and English compositional skills. I am qualified to assist with English composition and Grammar, as well as citations and footnotes in APA, MLA and Chicago Manual Style (Turabian). I can work with students requiring a little, or a lot of help in these subjects as well as assist with college preparatory skills. I would be open to suggestions regarding a discussion or study group that would enhance student confidence in these areas, hosted by myself as facilitator. I have found that discussion aids retention of self-learned or tutored material. I do not have the skills to aid any student with severe and profound learning disabilities, but I do have the skills to assist those with minor issues, such as ADHD, dyslexia, and other mild learning disorders. I am a 29 year old with a small child at home and applied for this type of work to create a flexible schedule for myself and my family. Recommendations are available upon request. I maintained a 3.9 GPA while at St. Ambrose University and scored high reviews of my Student Teaching Practicum. I am a dedicated and creative individual with a myriad of skills that can be incorporated into any education plan for any individual in order to make the learning process as fun and well-rounded as possible! ... Read More

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