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Coridon B.

Learn English in Brattleboro with Coridon

  • $50 / h
  • Brattleboro , VT ( 05301 )
Would you like to enhance your spoken or written English? I'm Coridon from brattleboro and I can help you learn English better and faster. I pride myself on taking personalized interest in students achieving their true potential. ... contact me

Hello! My name is Cory, I work as a graphic designer and photographer and I have an MAT, as well as a BFA from Clark University. I have worked in the public school system, but I really enjoy working one-on-one with students. One of my favorite parts of teaching is seeing and participating in the growth of knowledge, as my students learn and master new skills I am also building on my own understanding of the world. I work in my field professionally, so I am able to see the direct link of the te

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