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Find Lacey English tutors, lessons, classes, teachers and schools. Local in person private tutoring in Lacey; have tutors come to your location or meet them at theirs. The service providers listed may offer group classes or be a private tutor, so rates and qualifications will vary. Be sure to consult with providers to ensure that they offer the services you require.

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Zip Code: 98503, 98506

English teacher in Lacey | Tiffany J.
  I enjoy working with kids and watching them accomplish all their goals. I am very enthusiastic, outgoing, and patient with my students. As I understand it is hard to work with someone new. I also use "hands on" methods to help my students better understand the lessons. To make it easier for students to get he...

Teaches: English Teaching, Reading, Writing, Speaking Lessons

Bill C. is a Private English Tutor in Lacey
  With my teaching experience of all levels of high school mathematics and the appropriate use of technology, I will do everything to find a way to help you learn mathematics. I can not promise a quick fix, but I will not stop working if you make the effort.-Bill...

Teaches: Private Lessons, Esl, Grammar

Picture of Adam C. - English Tutor in Lacey
  I have experience tutoring my wife's younger siblings, my neighbors children, and tutoring college and high school students. I tutor by having the students bring an assignment or study sheet and then I assist them in understanding the concepts needed to complete the work. I do not provide solutions although I...

Teaches: English Tutor, ESL, Grammar

English teacher in Lacey | Kaleb C.
  I earned a B.A. with an emphasis in Language, Culture, and Pedagogy in 2008 at The Evergreen State College (TESC). As of 2009, I have finished the first year of TESC Master in Teaching program (MIT) which focuses on democratic, constructivist education.Through supervised experience as an educator and reflect...

Teaches: English Teaching, Reading, Writing, Speaking Lessons

Tami G. is a Private English Tutor in Lacey
  I am a parent, and a licensed massage therapist (background checks are required to obtain and maintain professional licensing, so I didn't have it done again, but feel free). I am also an Instructor at a professional trade college. I work with each individual students primary learning style, helping them to s...

Teaches: Private Lessons, Esl, Grammar

Vanessa B. offers ESL Tutoring in Lacey
  I am a professional singer and have sang with many professional artist. I grew up with Oleta Adams and sang in a group with her in Yakima WA. I also sang with the renowned known group The Platters. I was not a member just a fill-in and I was very young at the time, so don't let that scare you away, I'm no...

Teaches: ESL, TOEFL

Reading Tutor in Lacey
  My name is Joan and I have a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Washington.My Bachelor's Degree is from the University of Alaska in Sociology. I have worked in the community college system for over 20 years. I have traveled extensively and lived in Europe and in many regions of the ...

Teaches: Reading, Writing, Grammar

One on One English Course offered by Shawna H.
  I am a certified teacher. I have degrees in Elementary Education and Anthropology, as well as a minor in Early Childhood Education. Helping student become successful in school and in life is why I went into the teaching profession. Having the opportunity to help students outside of the classroom is something ...

Teaches: English Course, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

One on One English Course offered by Elizabeth M.
  Hello,Do you enjoy drawing and painting? Do you wish you could draw and paint better? Really the best way to learn to draw is to learn to "see." What you want your hands to do is to convey what your eye has seen and let your brain interpret the information in a way that is pleasing to you, the artist. Learnin...

Teaches: English Course, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Image - Learn English with Courtney R. in Lacey
  I am 23 years old. I have been a tutor for all ages since I was in 7th grade and I absolutely love it! I have been very successful with tutoring in areas such as math, reading, vocabulary, English, psychology, study skills and drawing. I enjoy becoming friends with the students I tutor and I find that lear...

Teaches: Learn English, ESL, TOEFL

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