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Find Altoona English tutors, lessons, classes, teachers and schools. Local in person private tutoring in Altoona; have tutors come to your location or meet them at theirs. The service providers listed may offer group classes or be a private tutor, so rates and qualifications will vary. Be sure to consult with providers to ensure that they offer the services you require.

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Zip Code: 50009

Picture of Dale R. - English Tutor in Altoona
  Many years of life experience, yet keeping young designing and managing social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and websites for clients and friends.Owned my own marketing communications company for ten years and currently work days as the creative director for a major advertising and marketing company in...

Teaches: English Tutor, ESL, Grammar

Picture of Katie R. - English Tutor in Altoona
  Greetings! My name is Katie. I am a graduate of Drake University. I have my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. I have a reading endorsement and partial middle school endorsement. I have been a teacher in daycare, public school and volunteer positions for 9 years. I enjoy spending time with kids and helping t...

Teaches: English Tutor, ESL, Grammar

Picture of Sara G. - English Tutoring in Altoona
  Hello! My name is Sara and I am an elementary school substitute teacher. I went to Iowa State University and have a degree in elementary education with an emphasis in social studies as well as a reading endorsement. I love helping students succeed and love the look on their faces when they finally get whateve...

Teaches: English Tutoring, Spelling, Grammar

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Picture of Chelsea H. - English Tutoring in BONDURANT
  I am about to finish my mathematics degree from Iowa State University. I have enjoyed tutoring during my time at Iowa State and I am looking forward to tutoring on my own. I believe that students must understand the "why" in math. Often, students are not taught the concepts behind the procedures. I have re...

Teaches: English Tutoring, Spelling, Grammar

Picture of Karen D. - English Tutor in Ankeny
  I lived and worked in Mexico for over ten years and have my own business as a Spanish Interpreter/Translator. I have taught either Spanish, ESL, English or Business at DMACC, Drake, AIB, Upper Iowa, Ankeny Community Schools Adult Ed and Kaplan. I have also been a tutor for many years to persons of all ages ...

Teaches: English Tutor, ESL, Grammar

Photo of Russ L. offering English Lessons in Ankeny
  Every student learns in unique ways. When tutoring I find a method that fits that individual. I will provide as many different methods as I can. I believe in hands-on learning and will provide opportunities where the student can apply content. It is also important to provide a learning environment where the...

Teaches: English Lessons, ESL, Home Tutoring

Image - Learn English with Megan R. in Ankeny
  I am currently a substitute teacher in Ames and Ankeny school districts. I am also a tutor for the elementary grade levels (including special education). I recently received my bachelor's degree in education (minoring in special education) from the University of North Dakota. I understand that some studen...

Teaches: Learn English, ESL, TOEFL

Photo - English Class in Ankeny - Carine E.
  I am a current college student. I am interested in helping people learn or improve their skills using the French language. I am a native of Cameroon where the national languages are French and English. I went to a French-speaking school all my life and French was my favorite language....

Teaches: English Class, 1 on 1 Tutoring, Reading, Writing

English teacher in Ankeny | Shannin T.
  Greetings,I am an Ankeny resident and part-time student. I am well rounded in basic education, but my focus is on mathematics studies. I am very flexible with my hours and am open to compromise. Feel free to contact me via WyzAnt with any inquiries.Shannin...

Teaches: English Teaching, Reading, Writing, Speaking Lessons

Photo of Trisha S. offering English Lessons in Ankeny
  I have over 15 years of experience as a scientist with several large agricultural and chemical companies. Throughout my career, I have always been responsible for training contract and full-time employees that range from high school students during the summer to interns to recent college and grad school grad...

Teaches: English Lessons, ESL, Home Tutoring

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