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Hayden B.

Hayden B.
English Tutor in San Diego

  • $35 / h
  • San Diego , CA ( 92139 )
Hello! Are you looking for an English tutor for yourself or a child? I enjoy watching my students improve over time and strive to make sure they progress at a rate that meets their needs. Please read more details about my qualifications below and contact me if you have questions or want to try my service. ... contact me

I'm 30 years old. I love surfing, skating, and art. My family has always been supportive for the pursuit of my passions. I enjoy teaching art to others and have decided to reapply to SDSU for the teaching credential because I would like to teach high school art. I have two years experience as a substitute high school teacher. I really enjoyed being a sub. My favorite part of being in the classroom was making my students laugh. I feel my best quality as a teacher is encouraging. I try to give

Art Theory