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Jackie S.

Jackie S.
English Tutor in Laramie

  • $60 / h
  • Laramie , WY ( 82070 )
Hello! My name is Jackie and I am a private English tutor from laramie WY. I enjoy watching my students improve over time and strive to make sure they progress at a rate that meets their needs. If you have questions are would be interested in taking a lesson with me please feel free to ... contact me

I am an educator specializing in one-on-one learning on college admission essays, English coursework, and research-based classes. My MFA in Creative Writing is from Boise State University, and I earned my BA in Creative Writing and History from Carnegie Mellon University. I have taught college English and Creative Writing courses at Boise State University and Laramie County Community College. For two years, I worked as an Assistant Director of Admissions at Carnegie Mellon University where I rea

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