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Sherry T.

Sherry T.
English Tutor in Honolulu

  • $40 / h
  • Honolulu , HI ( 96826 )
Hello there! I'm Sherry an English tutor in honolulu I enjoy watching my students improve over time and strive to make sure they progress at a rate that meets their needs. Please read more details about my qualifications below and contact me if you have questions or want to try my service. ... contact me

I have 14 years of experiences teaching in the State of Hawaii Department of Education. I previously taught at different middle schools and currently teaching at a high school. I participated in many State Mandated workshops throughout the year to develop and update teaching techniques and curriculum.I have been tutoring students privately for the past four years. I tutored one of my students for 4 years throughout her years in high school. I also tutored three other middle school students a

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