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Brandon J.

Brandon J.
English Tutor in Honolulu

  • $65 / h
  • Honolulu , HI ( 96825 )
Hello! Are you looking for an English tutor for yourself or a child? I enjoy helping my students improve their skills and strive my very best to guide them towards learning in a customized way that meets there personal goals. If you have questions are would be interested in taking a lesson with me please feel free to ... contact me

I LOVE teaching anyone who is willing to learn! My love of learning and for math and science helps me be enthusiastic while explaining subject matter to my students. I have also been teaching and coaching swimming since high school, and find that breaking down unconscious, automatic movements into discrete step-by-step instructions translates to breaking down less accessible material – like science, math, or writing. In high school, I tutored underserved middle school children; in college and gr




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