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Wenching C.

Wenching C.
English Tutor in Hartford

  • $50 / h
  • Hartford , CT ( 06106 )
Hello there! My name is Wenching and I am a private English tutor from hartford CT. I enjoy helping my students improve their skills and strive my very best to guide them towards learning in a customized way that meets there personal goals. If you have questions are would be interested in taking a lesson with me please feel free to ... contact me

I have been a Chinese language teacher at Sunset Ridge School, East Hartford, CT for the past seven years. I recently earned a master's degree in Education Technology from Eastern Connecticut State University. I am a passionate and devoted in learning and teaching Chinese in a comprehensible input classroom. With my approach, students are able to use Chinese in reading, writing, speaking and listening without rote memorization. I have also taught art and culture classes of Origami, kite