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Karen M.

Karen M.
English Tutor in Colorado Springs

Hello! Do you want to improve your spoken or written English? I enjoy watching my students improve over time and strive to make sure they progress at a rate that meets their needs. Please read more details about my qualifications below and contact me if you have questions or want to try my service. ... contact me

Hi, I am a married mother of 6 and grandmother of 10! I have taught in Colorado for 17 years and in Virginia for a year and a half. I have worked at schools from Hawaii to Maryland. I love teaching, but I needed to spend more time helping out with the grandkids, so I retired. I am a army spouse, my husband retired after 22 years. I love to travel and have been to so many wonderful places. I have an undergraduate degree in History and a Graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emph

American history

criminal justice

government & politics

social studies

world history