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Catriona A.

Catriona A.
English Tutor in Arlington

Hello there! Do you want to improve your spoken or written English? I enjoy helping my students improve their skills and attempt my very best to guide them towards learning in a customized way that meets there personal goals. If you have questions are would be interested in taking a lesson with me please feel free to. ... contact me

I'm currently a sophomore at Swarthmore College. Although I study computer science, I have a strong interest in many different subjects and love to share my passion for learning with my students. Among the other subjects that I offer are Spanish and college-level calculus. I scored 800 on both the SAT Math section and the SAT Math 2 and achieved a 4.0 in second-semester college calculus.I volunteered at an ESL school for three years in high school. I am a native English speaker who has learn

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