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I am a sociologist. We sociologists like people, we like to talk and to get to know individuals. By this we build a body of knowledge, an idea of behavior which helps us understand better the need of each particular person taking into account their background, demographics and all aspects that make us who we are. I never failed a class, ever! I am a very perfectionistic human being who believes that "what one man can do, another can do". I absolutely adore movies and believe that reading is an escape to the universe of imagination! A person that does not know how to read lacks of more than just an ability,but also lacks of the opportunity to grow and to fly...imaginations gives you wings! I do not know it all. Therefore I am always an ignorant in the look for an answer. I will teach by listening, I will show you the way to knowledge by learning;we will learn together!As we are all different from one another, I will figure out a pattern of teaching for each one of my students that adapts to their particular needs. I believe in honesty and if I where unprepared to entirely fulfill someones request or if I lack of the knowledge of some subject...we will learn how to look for the answer together! I love singing, music, writing, sports and outdoors. I have an excellent way to communicate with young people as well as a great ability to earn trust from parents, students and fellow workers. I had the opportunity to live in the United States which offers me the wonderful skill of being fully bilingual. I was a substitute teacher for a period of time where I acquired a sense of teaching. We will learn academics, however we will mostly learn that school and subjects are not just made to pass, but also to teach us a lot about ourselves, about our likes and dislikes. Learning school subjects, we learn who we truly are, and who we can really be. ... Read More

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