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Anthony O.

Anthony offers
English Lessons in dover

  • $45 / h
  • Dover , NJ ( 07801 )
I'm Anthony and offer ESL/English lessons to students in the dover area. I take pride in helping students improve thier performance in school or life in general. If you would like to try my tutoring service please read threw my info below and get in touch with me. Thank you! Anthony ... contact me

I'm a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. I studied cartooning for commercial art. I also studied intensely in Narrative art while at the school. Through the school I was able to learn how to work with clients ranging from Marvel comics to smaller independent companies.While at school, I began to take artistic jobs as I could find them. Eventually I landed in teaching for a few children's art classes and I simply fell in love with it. I found teaching to be a very e

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