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James F.

James offers
English Lessons in cheyenne

  • $45 / h
  • Cheyenne , WY ( 82001 )
I'm James and offer ESL/English lessons to students in the cheyenne area. I take pride in helping students improve thier performance in school or life in general. If you would like to try my tutoring service please read threw my info below and get in touch with me. Thank you! James ... contact me

I have completed my BS in History and am currently working on my Master's in History. As a tutor I will strive to be professional and assist people where I can in history. My goal is to make learning enjoyable to those that are struggling or find history a difficult subject to master. History is one of those subjects many people tend to avoid or have a problem grasping because there are many dates, and names to try an remember. I have always felt that history was not only fascinating to learn

American history