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Jad E.

Jad offers
English Lessons in cambridge

I'm Jad and offer ESL/English lessons to students in the cambridge area. I take pride in helping students improve thier performance in school or life in general. If you would like to try my tutoring service please read threw my info below and get in touch with me. Thank you! Jad ... contact me

Hello, I'm Jad! I'm a sophomore at MIT majoring in Aerospace Engineering, with the intention of also double majoring in Physics. I've been tutoring my friends and classmates since middle school. I have experience with one-on-one tutoring as well as larger groups. My school had this program that allowed students to be "shadow teachers". I took part in that for many years, and what that meant is that I would prepare a lesson and then teach it to the class instead of the teacher. I was also part of

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