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Anuj V.

Anuj offers
English Lessons in boston

I'm Anuj and offer ESL/English lessons to students in the boston area. I take pride in helping students improve thier performance in school or life in general. If you would like to try my tutoring service please read threw my info below and get in touch with me. Thank you! Anuj ... contact me

My name is Anuj V., I'm working in Boston as a data analyst for a consulting group. I graduated from The University of Colorado, Boulder with a M.S in Business Analytics in Spring 2016. My undergraduate degree is a B.B.A in Supply Chain Management from The University of Houston. During my collegiate career, I hosted study groups with my fellow classmates and really found it rewarding for students to help each other improve themselves academically. These experiences led me to becoming a tutor in

ACT Math

algebra 1

algebra 2






SAT math

SAT reading

SAT writing